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Mockingbird Times -August, 2013

Mockingbird times 


Happy 12th Anniversary!

reformiconSystem Reform
Deonate Cruz


The Mockingbird Society is celebrating our 12th anniversary. We are proud of the legislation that we have gotten passed and would not be able to do what we do without the support of the legislature, the youth within the child welfare system who speak up, and the continued support of the community. Here is a look at what we have accomplished so far.

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Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends:

As President of The Mockingbird Society’s Board of Directors, I am happy to serve as “Guest Editor” for the August edition of the Mockingbird Times! My fellow Board Members and I have the honor of helping The Mockingbird Society succeed through sound financial oversight and increased community support.

In August of 2001, The Mockingbird Society was founded. Youth and young adults who had been through the worst were given a new opportunity to show the world their best, and improve the lives of their peers in the process. Since then the voices of Mockingbird youth have driven 23 major reform efforts, over half of which came from proposals built by their own experiences and research. What started with our Founder, Jim Theofelis, and three youth publishing a newspaper out of a garage has grown into a state-wide network of nearly 500 youth who have become empowered to advocate for themselves and for all youth impacted by foster care and homelessness.

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See You Later...

powericonPower of one
Amanda Bevington

amanda bavingtonMan oh man where do I start? It has been a good, long three years at The Mockingbird Society. I will be leaving Mockingbird at the end of July. I was offered a full time position at Friends of Youth, as an Outreach Worker. I have learned so much at Mockingbird about leadership, advocacy, and most importantly, love. It will be extremely hard when I have to leave, but this is not goodbye; it is a see you later. I can honestly say that Mockingbird has prepared me to take my next steps. I will never forget about its work, youth, and staff.

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Seattle’s Legislative Thank-You Event

reformiconSystem Reform
Mandy Urwiler


On the sunny afternoon of July 9th, the Seattle chapter of the Mockingbird Youth Network hosted a legislative thank-you event. In previous years, this type of event was held during the Summit before the Report Out, but this year, we decided to have an evening dedicated to thanking local legislators. Similar events will be held in each region throughout the summer.

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Seattle’s OUTspoken Speakers Bureau

payiconPay It Forward
Montrai Williams

As many of us know, the Pride Parade took place in Seattle back in June and there was an amazing turn out, with so many supporters! I hope everyone enjoyed it because I know I definitely did!

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Summit Poem


Art in Action
By Gabriel Plummer


Summit Poem

We are all connected
Within Every drop and within
Every action we take, Each —
Leads to another action or
In another time in another place
Together now
This action, this reaction
Where your sitting, where your
Right now — This is your
monumental moment
This life, use your voice
Its powerful, and it is growing
These are mere stepping stones
to each and everyone’s abilities
They are the small echoes we
They are the small things we say
and feel

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Chapter Voice

The Mockingbird Network

system reformChapter


tmsRegion 2 North (Everett)
by Janell Braxton

This month, the Everett Chapter meeting was outside at Hillcrest Park in Mt. Vernon and it was about sharing not only our Summit proposal but the other five regions proposals as well. Rep. Kristine Lytton and Rep. John McCoy attended this meeting. Some youth that attended the Summit shared their stories of experiencing a sense of acceptance and familiarity when working with other foster youth and alumni.

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