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Mockingbird Times - June, 2014

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End Youth Homelessness by 2020

Mark P.

Word on the street is that the Committee to End Homeless (CEH) in King County wants to end youth homelessness by 2020! You may be wondering how an issue so big can end in six years. Well let me give you a little insight on who is taking the steps toward ending this huge issue that is affecting our community.

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Being Queer in Foster Care

June is Pride month, and I would like to take the time to have you learn a little bit about what it’s like to be queer in foster care. Across the nation, we see foster youth shunted from home to home for as little reason as having emotional issues. According to Families Like Ours (FLO), a nonprofit adoption organization, 50% of youth are discriminated against by their own family for their sexual orientation or gender identity and of those youth, 26% are kicked out.

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Letter From the Editor by Jim Theofelis

Letter from the Editor

The Summit is one of the most important endeavors TMS undertakes to assure that youth are at the table when decisions about foster care are being made. Thank you for your unwavering support for our children, youth and families. I look forward to continuing our work towards a better foster care system!

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Mockingbird Family Model and Policy

Nothing goes perfect but we will achieve success. It will look like ten constellations serving foster families and kids in the public system from Bellingham to Tacoma.

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Mockingbird Has Changed My Life

So being eager to learn more I started going to my local chapter meetings in Tacoma. It was a breath of fresh air going to these meetings and seeing people who were having some of the same struggles and experiences as me. After going to a few meetings and trainings I decided that I wanted to be more involved with my chapter, so I applied for the chapter leader position for thTacoma region.

Mykell Daniels
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Expanding Homeless Youth Advocacy

HYI is now officially called Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness (YAEH). These youth will play a huge part in helping Mockingbird participate in ending homelessness by 2020. To every life, there is experience and input that YAEH participants have agreed to share with society. These youth put a real face to youth homelessness in Seattle.

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Chapter Voice

“I have opened up more to a lot of people and I have become more outgoing and less shy and I have a lot more friends now. When you are in foster care you learn that you’re not the only kid in the foster care system. There are a lot more people dealing with the same things that you are dealing with. ”

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You left me far too long ago. For a place I’ll never know. Thoughts of you from my eyes seep. Down my cheeks they began to show. Don’t even visit in my sleep. You have taken far too much from me.

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