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Mockingbird Times - September, 2013

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Safe Schools for GLBTQ Youth

Safe Schools Coalition

As foster youth, we face stigma in school. As GLBTQ foster youth, we face worse; foster care stigma, bullying, assault because of our sexual orientation and gender identity, harassment...but who is there to stop the pain? Who will help us when we already have the problems at home...and we aren’t safe at school either?

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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

I’m back! This summer, our Board of Directors granted me a three-month sabbatical, giving me an opportunity to refresh and reenergize while The Mockingbird Society continues to move forward. I have come back to the organization more motivated than ever. I am also pleased, though not surprised, to see that Mockingbird is stronger than ever.

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Seattle YMCA YAS: Education Support

This summer has been exciting, hot, fun and energetic. I hope those who love the heat such as myself enjoyed it and got their tan on. For those not so excited about the heat and miss that usual rainy Seattle weather, I hope you had plenty of AC and you don’t have to wait much longer. As the summer comes to a close, we switch gears from hot weather to cold weather, everyday sunny to everyday cloudy, and of course, from summer back to school. With school only days away, this will be a very busy month for everyone. Between shopping for school clothes, school supplies, sports supplies, laptops, paying school fees, registering for classes, and attending orientations, September can be very stressful as well. This is where The Mockingbird Society comes in. As advocates of our community, it is our job to relieve a little stress and replace it with support.

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School Continuity for Foster Youth

Tacoma Chapter youth at 2013 Summit

I think it’s safe to say when most people think of September they think about Labor Day, end of summer, and back to school shopping and barbecue. However, most people don’t realize that many youth don’t have the most essential thing to succeed in school. That thing is school continuity.

Often, people hear the staff at The Mockingbird Society, and youth around Washington state speak about having a stable placement. In most people’s minds this means staying in one home that is loving, supporting and helps meet your needs with other resources.

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Making My Dream a Reality

Hi! My name is Violet Banks and I’m one of your new Network Representatives. I’m 23 years old with a passion for social work and youth counseling. Since 2010, I’ve been attending Mockingbird Society (TMS) events and am finally happy to be a part of the team!

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A New Job, A New Beginning

Hi, my name is Anthony Martinez and I’m 20 years old. I was in foster care for 2 years and left on my 18th birthday to Phoenix, AZ to live with my mom. I have wanted to work with The Mockingbird Society for years now. I have been to many events such as The Youth & Alumni Leadership Summit. When I attended, it was a deal breaker for me and I knew that I wanted to work for The Mockingbird Society. I came to Mockingbird to try and make a difference in my life and for other foster youth in care.

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Across the Way

Across another empty heart I stumble.
My logic begins to crumble.
Across the table we sit and talk.
In your mind a defensive block.
Across the way I watch you go.
So many things I wish you could know.
Across my mind your face does creep.
My only company in my sleep.
Across the land you wish to leave.
Don’t you know your words deceive.
Across the mountains I watch you close your eyes.
Not a tear shed for lost good-byes.
Across the waves I hear your heart.
The sound of unsteady beating though we’re miles apart.
Across the world I feel your breath.
Oh so shallow I feel your death.
Across the earth I search for you.
Unable to start something new.

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Chapter Voice

Mockingbird Youth Network: Our Voice. Our Future
Olympia Youth at the Legislative Thank You Event.

On August 15th, the Olympia chapter hosted a chapter open house and legislative thank you event at the Priest Point Park Rose Garden. The purpose of the event was to showcase the leadership and partnership between Mockingbird youth, government officials, members of the legislature, and local service providers.

Participants from the Olympia chapter opened the event by sharing what happened at the 2013 Summit and explained the topics presented to the Washington State Supreme Court Commission on Children in Foster Care. During the presentation, youth also recognized Representative Chris Reykdal for his support and leadership in the legislature with a certificate of appreciation.

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