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Public Policy

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At The Mockingbird Society, public policy is how a young man’s experience with homelessness after foster care leads to groundbreaking legislation; It is how a young woman’s story of being inappropriately prescribed powerful anti-psychotic drugs echoes in the halls of Congress; And it is how service providers, advocates, funders and community leaders come together with a unified voice in an unprecedented effort to end youth homelessness.

The Mockingbird Society’s Public Policy team serves to research, inform, and guide the continual development of our agency’s annual advocacy agenda. We work closely with numerous coalitions, advocates, and partner organizations to establish common goals and negotiate priorities for reform at the local, county, state, and federal levels of government. The Public Policy team also works directly with elected officials and their staff to cultivate political champions and advance our priorities. These relationships ensure that our young people have opportunities to present their ideas to the decision-makers who are best positioned to take action.

The Public Policy team works closely with Youth Programs staff to prepare young people for Speak Up! engagements. We help educate the youth about the existing political climate and the policymakers they hope to influence through their advocacy.

In addition, the Public Policy team supports the Mockingbird Youth Network chapters to develop their proposals leading up to the Youth Leadership Summit, and assists the planning and coordination for our annual Youth Advocacy Day.

Interested in learning more about how Mockingbird develops its advocacy agenda? Check out our annual advocacy cycle!